Hey! My name is Juha Lundan.

I am an entrepreneur, developer, consultant and overall nerd. I live in Tampere, Finland where I work on my own company and my startups. I started out as an Engineer at Nokia in the late 1990’s, and after a 13 year run there, I started my own software consultancy company. After helping out more than 10 client companies in various projects doing frontend, backend, devops and infrastructure, I co-founded Advante, which takes most of my time nowadays. In addition to Advante, I am a partner in a (still very much work-in-progress) Game development company, where we code with Godot.

I probably write mostly about JavaScript and React, since most of my work deals around that, but I might occasionally write about backend or infrastructure stuff, or something else. 🙂

Contacting me

  • Email: firstname dot lastname at gmail – my first name starts with ‘J’ and last name with ‘L’, please check the first line of this post. You probably know what to do with gmail. This is my (probably futile) attempt to fight spammer bots. =)
  • LinkedIn: